Originally from a small Island called Reunion Island, I went on to study and work in Film and TV in Australia for 5 years. From there I moved to London where I have now lived and worked for the past 11 years. 


I am a bilingual French-English producer and have overseen delivery of projects for a variety of platforms. These include documentaries, films, music videos as well as branded content shoots for a range of diverse clients.


I have most recently been working for Publishing companies such as VICE and the GUARDIAN as senior producer and lead video producer. 

Budgeting, directing, crewing, coordinating shoots and scheduling are all part of a valuable set of skills that I have accumulated over several years. 

I am proud to say that my production management and coordinating skills have seen me successfully negotiate shoots internationally both on location and in studios. 

Central to the work I manage have been the contacts and relationships I have nurtured and maintained within the film industry.

This has been supported by a solid technical and working knowledge when dealing with crew, facilities houses and suppliers.


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